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Purpose of DOVE

DOVE provides the community a safe space to grieve and respond to violence. DOVE vigils are held in response to any act of violence resulting in the death of a community member. The gathering is meant to provide a place for the community to affirm its witness against violence and express sorrow at the loss of a life. 

Dreaming Of  Violence-Free Everywhere

Most of our DOVE gatherings are held at Faith on 54th street or New Birth Kingdom Covenant Church. The vigil begins promptly at 5:00pm or 6:00pm and concludes within 30 minutes. Upon arriving, attendees are given the program and a candle. All are welcome to linger after the program ends for community conversation and to show support to the family if appropriate.

Further Work

Beyond leading vigils, DOVE also:

  • Does advocacy work through education

  • Offers support groups 

  • Hosts activities to provide solutions to violence in our community

  1. Email

  2. Include in subject line "DOVE VIGIL"

  3. Give a general description of why you would like DOVE to host a vigil 

  4.  A member of the CAST team will reach out to you within 72 hours for further details

Need DOVE to host your vigil?

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