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Food Distribution 

Every Friday at 8:00am Charity Apostolic Church distributes fruits, vegetables, pastries, sandwiches, and other misc. produce and non produce food. There is no charge and food is given out on a first come, first serve basis. 

611 South 35th Street

San Diego,CA 92113

For more information call (619) 328-2259


  • 21st Century approach to building a violent free community by addressing individual and group violence

  • Procedural Justice Training on Historical and Generational Effects of Policing 

  • Gang prevention and intervention

  • Educating schools, faith based organizations, government agencies, and community based organizations on gangs and violence prevention

  • Injury reduction strategies for hospitals and communities

  • How to employ techniques of violence de-escalation support, conflict resolution, retaliation prevention, in-hospital spiritual care, in-home support and advocacy

  • Improve staff interactions with violent injury patients and their many visitors during the initial days of the incident

Service Outcomes

  1. Reduce crime and prevent violence in the most vulnerable neighborhoods.

  2. Address a strategic holistic collaborative approach that will give leverage needed to build a healthy and safe neighborhoods.

  3. Violence prevention strategies will bring five collaborate sectors together in a comprehensive wraparound way.  The valued partnering will be brought to the forefront to assist in working as multifaceted community collaborates strategically functioning collectively as key stakeholders in making vulnerable neighborhoods resilient.

  • Community

  • Schools

  • Law Enforcement

  • Hospitals

  • Funding Stakeholders

4.  Bring quality community service to individuals/families impacted by violence.

5.  Greater understanding of street gangs and individual and group violence.

6.  Empower residents and institutions impacted by violence with methods to prevent retaliatory violence.

7.  Violence Reduction Prescription:

  • Conflict resolution

  • Retaliation prevention

  • Intervention at the hospital scene

  • Effective data collection (Evidence Proven)

  • Building relationships that will break down barriers

  • Advocacy support (empowerment, education, tools to survive)

  • Community support from hospital and beyond (Wrap Around Services)

  • Road to redemption, changing lives and future factoring outcomes for whole families