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Community Assistance Support Team



CAST is involved in empowering communities during their walk and knocks (door knocking) in some of the most violent epidemic or Hot Spot areas designated by SDPD. CAST connects with community members, handing out resource information at least 1 to 3 times a month..


CAST is known to empower and engage residents through assisting people who experience violence with methods to prevent retaliatory violence. Their innovative approach to confronting community fears of violence has set them apart to ensure that even the most disadvantaged areas are referred to social service, empowering residents to be a vibrant part of their community and showing up. CAST conducts this outreach in partnership with SDPD area division leadership and conduct community meetings from this outreach process, called Problem Solving Meetings at least 1 a month.


CAST build bridges of trust between the community, and Law Enforcement, Probation, District Attorney Office, Court System, U.S. Attorney, Individuals, Families, Churches, and Schools.



Pray with families in the community.


Focus on pre-incident as well as after incident assistance.


Be neutral facilitators of calmness.


Work with hospitals for early access to victims.


Help de-escalate potential retaliation.


Get access and aid to families sooner than later.


We are San Diego area Pastors who have been called to work in our communities around San Diego County in every capacity.


Pastors who desire to support families and communities who have become victims of gang violence as early as possible.


Pastors who will work in tandem with organizations that support families in crisis by providing faith based assistance with the goal of helping to calm tensions and reduce or remove the potential for gang retaliation as we help families and communities unify to restore peace and regain a sense of security in their own and surrounding neighborhoods.


Working together CAST along with the UCSD Trauma Center/IEPRC has created an innovative approach bringing compassionate care and community support from hospital and beyond (Wrap around services) to the victims of violence and their family and will work to prevent retaliatory impacts in the community.  Connecting with victims impacted by violent injuries and providing wrap around services for them by utilizing healthy alternatives in a safe haven place (hospital) can improve the overall care and overcome the life barriers of the entire family thus reducing readmissions and violent acts being continued in the communities.


For the past 9 years, CAST has brought quality community service to individuals/families impacted by gun violence with de-escalation support, conflict resolution, retaliation prevention, in hospital spiritual care, in home support and advocacy.  CAST refers victims to social services to limit barriers that increase distress and unhealthy choices.

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