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No Shots Fired (NSF) is a violence interdiction program with a focus on primary gun violence prevention, core intervention, tertiary deterrence, and hospital based violence intervention and injury reduction.


Our goal is to detect and interrupt planned violent activity, facilitate behavior change of high-risk individuals, and change community norms. 

We provide outreach and support services to individuals in order to offer an opportunity for them to exit gang life culture. No Shots Fired offers a variety of support services that assist with individual’s transition from gang-life culture. These services include responses to shootings, mentoring, gang disruption and interruption, peace agreements, and cognitive behavioral therapy interactions.

The data points below are between September 2021-April 2024



(CBT Interactions)

Shaphat Outreach utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) through interactive journaling to help at-risk individuals make positive changes in their lives. Our Responsible Thinking Journal addresses the stages of change, motivational interviewing, and CBT, and helps participants consider the consequences of their actions, challenge negative self-talk, and practice decision-making and problem-solving skills.


Basic Street support, mentoring & wrap-arounD SERVICES 

(CBT Interactions)

Cumulatively, the Community Based Public Safety Professionals has provided mentorship and wrap-around support services to individuals. This mentorship includes non-traditional CBT tactics as an attempt to provide preventative support from entering gang-life activity.



NSF team has successfully engaged in outreach activities, which includes seasons of peace activities (Planning meetings, marketing to gangs, panels, peace meal, dialogue with community members), neighborhood walks and street patrolling, meetings with community partners, networking at events for the purpose of developing relationships with community partners, connecting with local rappers/artists to get a further reach into communities, street outreach prevention planning and attending memorial services. 



(Interactive Journaling)

With participants who have agreed to participate in one of the components of the No Shots Fired program, Community Based Public Safety Professionals have engaged these participants in interactive journaling, which is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy programming. 


Peace agreement discussion 

(Separate from Seasons of Peace)

A component of the No Shots Fired program is to achieve peace agreements amongst certain members within specific gangs throughout their outreach interactions, which means no crossing territories, starting violence, tagging graffiti, etc. This activity is separate from the “No Shots Fired Seasons of Peace” and the NSF team has successfully achieved 1 peace agreement.


gang interruptions/ disruptions

(CBT Interactions)

NSF made interactions/contacts with potential conflicts with gang members and meets with certain gang members when they hear about conflict happening amongst certain gang members in the community to provide de-escalation and support to shift them away from taking violent actions  

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