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Podcast by Bishop Bowser

Bishop Bowser also hosts a podcast titled "Slow Motion with Bishop Bowser" where he discusses important topics related to gang violence, the black community, and making positive choices. His insights and guidance are a valuable resource for anyone seeking to make a difference in the world and create a brighter future. Listen where podcasts can be found.

S1 Episode 1: Did Nick Cannon step out of his spiritual element when he talked about the Jews?

Is Kanye West possessed by a demon or does he suffer from Mental Health issues?

Get your answers in this podcast with Bishop Bowser and Ricky Preach!

S1 Episode 2: Should Colin Kaepernick have taken a knee or should he have used a more meaningful way of protesting?

Find out in this Podcast interview with Buddie Roots.

S1 Episode 3: In this podcast we discuss with Joshua Alcala the topics of gangs, sexism, racism, bias policing and why we need a Police Community Oversight Board in Chula Vista.

S1 Episode 4: When The Police Kill Our Black Sons and Fathers

Kenneth Douglas shares with us the trauma, pain and harassment his family received from the police after the police killed his brother.

S1 Episode 5: The Ups and Downs To Life After Prison-The Robert Wood Story

Mr. Wood a former gang member and former drug dealer share his story of serving time in both California State Prison and Federal Prison.

Mr. Wood gain multiple college degrees while in prison and opens up about the struggles and successes of life after prison and what prison reforms need to be implemented in order for formerly incarcerated people to rebuild their lives. #prisonreform #prisonreentry

S1 Episode 6: SDPD Racist Policies and Black Men - D’Andre Cooper Interview

In this podcast you will hear Mr. Cooper testimony on how the San Diego police used a pretext stop on him on 8-15-20 to racially profile him, his family and raid his home without a search warrant. #EndTheStops

S1 Episode 7: James Bowser discusses with me the issues of "Black People, COVID-19, And Good Health Conditions"

This episode cover the bad health conditions of black people and why during COVID-19 so many blacks are dying and what they can do to have better health conditions.

S1 Episode 8: Former Gang Member Min. Travis Smith Discusses Gang Injunctions

A discussion on Gang injunction in San Diego, and what it means, and how it impacts families and communities.

S1 Episode 9: A Discussion With Jay Bowser About The Board of Supervisors and Community Violence

Community Violence, Credible Messengers, and Ending The Cycle of Violence. This episode of slow motion is a discussion with Jay Bowser about ending the cycle of community violence and the role that government officials play.

S1 Episode 10: I Discuss Who I endorse Between Jacobs and Gomez and Defunding the Police

This podcast looks at the history of systemic racism in policing, endorsement of candidate for congress in the 53 district (Georgette Gomez and Sara Jacobs are the candidates), and why Bishop Bowser has not endorsed Todd Gloria or Barbara Bry for Mayor.

S1 Episode 11: Wrong Loyalties From A Gang Perspective: An Interview with Former Gang Member Johnny Rankin

Episode 11 is an interview with notorious San Diego West Coast Crip Johnny Rankin (Lil Jay). He just served 26 years in prison for being in a car with his homeboys and a gun was found in the car. The police didn't know who gun it was and because he didn't snitch, he was given a 25 years to life sentence for being in the car with someone who had a gun.

S1 Episode 12: Discussion with Rev. Shane Harris

This episode is about Ice Cube and his Contract With Black America; Black Women; Prop 15; Prop 16; Prop 20; and San Diego mayoral candidates Todd Gloria and Barbara Bry not having a Black Agenda and why so many Black leaders endorsing them.

S1 Episode 13: Dr. Cid Martinez, Sociology Professor at USD

Expert in the field of urban poverty, policing in California, community policing programs, gun violence in California, gang intervention, violence reduction, trust building.

Topics of discussion:

-History of policing and how it connects with modern day policing.

-The difference between the North policing and South policing.

-When did police start using stop and frisk? And why? And on who?

-Where did the concept of criminal justice reform Come from?

-Can the police fix themselves and the power of police unions?

-What power do Citizen Review Boards really have?

-Does community oriented policing work?

-The Radicalized History Of Policing In America

S1 Episode 14: Moving Forward With A Black Agenda

This episode takes a look at how Black people impacted the 2020 election and will get noting out of it both nationally and locally.

S1 Episode 15: Murder and Corruption in the Criminal Justice System During COVID-19 Murder and Corruption of the Criminal Justice System During COVID-19

Today's discussion on Slow Motion With Bishop Bowser is about Murder, Gang Enhancements, Corrupt Prosecutors, and the unsafe conditions of jails during Covid-19. Bishop Bowser is interviewing Russell Smith who has been falsely charge in a murder case for aiding and abetting after the fact.

S1 Episode 16: White Supremacy and the Black Man

The question we attempt to answer: Is the Black man trying to emulate the white culture/white supremacy. Topics: A Word of Caution about Defunding or Abolishing the Police, and Todd Gloria's Newly Appointed Staff

S1 Episode 17: A Word of Caution about Defunding or Abolishing the Police, and Todd Gloria's Newly Appointed Staff

The Problem With Defunding Police

S1 Episode 18: Five Things Black People Should Care About But Don’t

In episode 18 Bishop Bowser discusses 5 things black people don't care about but should:

1. Community Violence

2. Having Good Health

3. Family


5. Black Men

S1 Episode 19: Life After Serving 31 years In Prison For Murder

Alvin Hayes was sentence to 17 years to life for murder. He was denied suitable for parole 10 times and on the 11th parole board hearing he was granted parole. Alvin shares what life was like serving life in prison, and what life is like after serving life.

S1 Episode 20: Gangs, Violence, Prison, PTSD, And Positive Change.

Slow Motion With Bishop Bowser interview with Levert Spence. Levert is a former gang member and formerly incarcerated. Tune in to hear his story of how he went from a violent gang member to becoming a bank robber to an educated upstanding law abiding citizen serving the Lord and a gospel recording artist.

S1 Episode 21: After Serving 32 Years In Prison For Murder Former Gang Member Aubra McNeely Share His Story

“Slow Motion With Bishop Bowser” Shaphat Outreach Podcast my today guest is Aubra (Coo Coo) McNeely. Coo Coo is a former member gang member of the West Coast Crips and has a unique story to tell. He served 32 years in prison for murder and has been a free man for three years. Tune in and hear his amazing story.

S1 Episode 22: Former Gang Member Michael Singletary Share History of 59 Brims

My guest tonight on Slow Motion With Bishop Bowser is Michael Singletary a former Central City Gangster/5-9 Brim or South Side Brim. Shares his story how he went from being a violent gang member to going back to school to get his Master's Degree.

S1 Episode 23: Interview With Aeiramique Glass-Blake A Candidate For 79th Assembly District

My guest on Episode 23 of Slow Motion With Bishop Bowser, Shaphat Outreach Podcast is Aeiramique (Meeka) Glass-Blake, Director of Generation Justice and Candidate for California State Assembly District 79.

Get her thoughts on affordable housing and the homeless crisis, police reform, bringing resources into underserved communities, opportunities for the formerly incarcerated, helping college students get affordable housing, how to prevent the mass exodus of young people leaving San Diego, dividing the Black vote, the corrupt culture of politics and much more. #AD79 #Blackvote #assemblydistrict79ca #politics

S1 Episode 24: Former Gang Member and Formerly Incarcerated Curtis Howard Shares His Lived Experience

This is an interview with Curtis Howard, San Diego Chapter Chairman of "All Of Us Or None", Former Neighborhood Crip, and Formerly Incarcerated. Discussions cover Black Lives Matter, Prison life, gangs, new legislation in California, the divide between black men and black woman, Bernie Sanders, reparations, Mayor Todd Gloria and police reform.

S1 Episode 25: Guest Terrance Stewart Discuss Racial Justice

My guest tonight on Episode 25 of Slow Motion With Bishop Bowser, Shaphat Outreach Podcast is Terrance Stewart. As a youth, Terrance participated in gang activities, he is a survivor of gun violence, and formerly incarcerated. He went back to school and earned his Master’s Degree in Education. Hear his personal story and get his thoughts on racial justice, black History (a focus on Malcolm X), criminal justice reform and the work he is presently doing.

S2 Episode 1: Proving Healthy Choices For Our Youth

We need a holistic approach to Health. There are five main aspects of personal health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. Making healthy choices mean our youth are enjoying good health, functioning well or being sound, and have soundness of body or mind. Injury and violence is leading cause of death for young people. For young adults in their early 20s cause of death was: accidents, suicide, homicide, cancer, and heart disease. Young blacks are becoming less healthy. This podcast addresses way to be more healthier.

Episode: The House Negro and The Field Negro: The Slave Mentality; A house Divided

In this podcast Bishop Bowser compares the slavery mentality with grassroots movement today that does harm to the Black community. #policebrutality #communityviolence #violence #slavery #Mindset

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